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The IT-Center office building has been an economic hub at Softwarepark Hagenberg since 2002. State-of-the-art equipment and flexible office spaces are available to tenants of this modern building.


  • Modern, high-quality office units with air-conditioning
  • 2,700 m² of office space 
  • Office units between 20 m² and 400 m²
  • 350 m² of storage area for tenants 
  • Central atrium with a cafeteria suitable for communication and presentation purposes
  • Seminar and conference rooms with modern equipment and cutting edge video conferencing system
  • Underground and open parking spaces
  • High-speed data network
  • Exterior window blinds system
  • Locker room facilities including showers in the lower level


Rent EUR 8.36 / m² - EUR 9.00 / m²
Utility costs EUR 3.95 / m²
Heating and air conditioning costs EUR 0.78 / m²
Rent of storage area EUR 4.73 / m²
Underground parking EUR 38.00 / month (+ EUR 5 utility costs)
Open parking EUR 14.50 / month (+ EUR 2.50 utility costs)

Available Office Space

Storage area 2, basement approx. 19 m² immediately available download Plan, .pdf, 95kb
Storage area 3, basement approx. 15 m² immediately available download Plan, .pdf, 1792kb
Storage area 7 + 8, basement approx. 32 m² immediately available download Plan, .pdf, 207kb
Storage area 9, basement approx. 21 m² immediately available download Plan, .pdf, 207kb


Sonja Muendl

Dr. Sonja Mündl
Softwarepark Hagenberg
Hauptstrasse 90, 4232 Hagenberg

Telephone +43 (0)7236 3343 404
E-Mail: sonja.muendl@softwarepark-hagenberg.com